Cambridge CELTA courses in Berlin


 Candidates' performance on the course is assessed on a continuous basis. There is no final examination. There are three components which are assessed:

1. Teaching practice

By the end of the course candidates should show that they can:

     plan for effective teaching of adult learners
   demonstrate class teaching skills
   demonstrate an awareness of teaching and learning processes

2. Written assignments

In their written assignments candidates should demonstrate that they are:

      able to relate ELT theory to practice
   familiar with key ELT concepts and terminology
   sensitive to relevant aspects of professional development
   able to write at a level of accuracy which does not jeopardise clarity or comprehensibility and which reflects a knowledge of discourse, grammar, punctuation and spelling

3. Professional development

Throughout the course candidates should show a commitment to and potential for professional development through their:

      ability to assess their strengths and weaknesses
   ability to listen to and learn from feedback from tutors and peers
   willingness to work in cooperation with colleagues
   understanding of the importance of continuing professional development after the course



 To guarantee standards and to ensure consistency of grading between centres, all CELTA courses are visited by an UCLES appointed assessor. The assessor observes some teaching practice, looks at written work and teaching practice records and meets with tutors and trainees. He or she writes a detailed report on the course and has to approve the grades awarded by the course tutors.

CELTA in Berlin
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