Cambridge CELTA courses in Berlin

 Entry requirements

 Applicants should have at least a university entrance level of education (most are graduates) and have some experience of learning a foreign language. In addition, applicants need to demonstrate good language awareness, the ability to reflect on learning experiences and the ability to interact confidently with others and to accept the responsibility of the role of the teacher.

 These aspects are evaluated through the application task and an interview (in the case of applicants from outside the Berlin area this is a telephone interview).

 The course is open to both native and non-native English speakers. The written application form and oral interview are used to determine whether applicants' level of English and general language awareness are appropriate for the demands of the course. Applicants should note that a very high standard of accuracy in both written and spoken English is required.


 Given the heavy workload during the course, you should only consider taking the course if you can be completely free of work commitments. You should also not consider taking the course if you are in poor health.

CELTA in Berlin
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